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Why do I need a mentor?


We understand how difficult it is to settle into a new country and we want to help you make the next step in your journey of professional integration. 


By working with a mentor in your professional area of choice you will get a unique chance to gain access to knowledge and potential job opportunities.

How does the mentoring programme work?

All you have to do is sign up and we will invite you for a meeting to understand where you are in your professional journey. We will then aim to pair you with a mentor. 

The mentorship consists of:


  • Two months of weekly online meetings

  • Receiving up to 16 hours of 1:1 mentoring sessions offering training, guidance, advice and access to your professional sector of choice

  • Setting three goals to achieve during your mentorship

Your mentor will help you develop your skills and confidence in the world of work, bridging the way to long-term social and professional integration.

At the conclusion of a successful mentorship, you will receive a graduate certificate from Kimiyaa and a letter of recommendation from your mentor.

Meet some of our UK Mentors

As a mentee you will work towards three goals agreed together with your mentor. 


Here are some examples of goals set and achieved by previous mentees:

  • Find a paid internship or job in the sector of my choice

  • Expand knowledge of business and marketing 

  • Understand how a marketing agency works

  • Create digital marketing tools on Photoshop

  • Improve CV and LinkedIn profile 

  • Gain a solid understanding of digital marketing such as e-marketing and SEO

  • Gain confidence in the professional work environment

  • Become familiar with UK workplace culture and environment

Giving back:

What you will share with your mentors


The mentorship is as much a mutual exchange as it is an opportunity for you to learn.

Give back and share some of your culture. Here are some examples of what you could share with your mentor:


  • 10 phrases from your native language

  • A family recipe from your national cuisine

  • Book, music and film recommendations from your country

  • Insight into a specific subject or historical event in your country

  • Plan and conduct a session where you switch roles and you become the mentor

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