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  • Become a Mentor - no previous experience required - sign up here

  • Become a match-maker - help pair a mentee with a mentor

  • Fundraise for specific mentorship programmes in areas close to your heart or profession

  • Become an ambassador for Kimiyaa in your social media network

  • Help spread the word by sharing the application form to mentors within your circle - Share this

  • Make a donation to our ongoing efforts - Donate

  • Want to help in another way? Please share your ideas at

Corporate Support

  • Incorporate Kimiyaa into your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme by allocating employee hours to mentoring 
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  • Co-create a mentorship programme with Kimiyaa  in professional areas you care about that can simultaneously contribute to your business goals 

  • Sponsor mentorship programmes by making a donation

  • Offer internships or apprenticeships to Kimiyaa graduates

Mentee from Syria

"Without permission to work for two years and with very little money, mentoring helped me refocus on the future and my career"

Elina Berzins_mentor (1).jpg
Mentor in Healthcare Marketing from London

"Mentoring was a truly eye opening experience and made me so much more aware of the issues and daily tribulations refugees face in the UK system. The beauty of Kimiyaa is that it offers a way to actually help."

Ruthie OK_1.jpg
Sponsor from Vancouver

"The world seems to be going to a wrong place, countries looking inwardly and there is little compassion for the other. I love the idea that Kimiyaa enables us to do just the opposite and get together to support refugee integration."

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